10 Health Benefits of Fish Oil You Shouldn’t Ignore

Fatty fish are so-called because they are high in essential oils needed for good health. Linolenic acid is what is know as the precursor to those all-important omega-3 oils and must be obtained through your diet. Once inside the body, linolenic acid gets converted into eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and is found to be extremely useful for a number of health-related issues. Fish oils are widely available in supplement form or you could just start eating more fatty fish. Regardless of the method by which fish oils enter the body, your health may stand to benefit in the following ways.

1. Lower High Blood Pressure

The omega-3 essential fatty acids found in fish oil are what is known as heart-healthy fats. Whenever possible, you should replace saturate fats in your diet with that found in fatty fish like cod, Alaskan salmon and even rainbow trout. Any serious attempt at lowering high blood pressure should begin with fish oil, preferably through diet, but if you just can’t stand the smell, then certainly with supplements.

2. Ensure Normal Fetal Development

Pregnant women should be sure to add either fish or supplements to their diet since DHA vital for ensuring development of vision in the fetus. Women who consume low levels of DHA are more likely to give birth to babies with lower birth weight, length and head circumferences.

3. Optimize Mood to Combat Depression

Those fatty acids of fish oils could play a significant role in optimizing mood. Studies indicates that people suffering from depression may benefit greatly from increasing the amount of omega-3 essential oils they take in from either eating more fish or taking supplements. Unfortunately, the exact mechanism at work in the method by which fish oil helps with mild depression is not fully understood, but the evidence seems to clearly indicate a valid connection.

4. Natural Treatment for Insomnia

Having trouble getting to sleep at night or staying asleep one slumber does arrive? Toss down an omega-3 supplement rich on fish oil or rip open a tin of sardines during the evening as part of your winding down process. Much like with depression, scientists are not entirely sure why fish oil can help with insomnia, but then again you don’t need to know why it works in order to take advantage of the fact that it does work.

5. Strengthen Bones to Reduce Effects of Osteoporosis

The pace at which this debilitating skeletal disease marked by a loss of density in the bones ravages the body could be slowed by the consumption of salmon, herring and tuna. Those fish are especially good choices for consuming the omega-3 fatty acids that stimulate growth of the proteins necessary for maintaining the strength of bones.

6. Reduce Inflammation Causing Psoriasis Pain

Much of the discomfort associated with psoriasis results from inflammation caused by abnormal levels of substances known as leukotrienes. Some studies have suggested the possibility that fish oils can positively impact those levels in a way that reduces the inflammation associated with psoriasis.

7. Lessen Chronic Arthritis Discomfort

Those same leukotrienes that create the inflammation that brings on the pain of psoriasis is also at play in chronic arthritis pain. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil and supplements can work on not just leukotrienes, but also prostaglandins and cytokines which also contribute to arthritic inflammation that brings on the kind of distress that makes engaging in a task as simple as twisting open a bottle cap nearly unbearable.

8. Make Breathing Less Difficult for Bronchitis Sufferers

Indeed, if you suffer from any kind of health problem where discomfort is directed related to issues of inflamed tissue, you should probably give serious consideration to ordering mackerel, cod or just anchovies on your pizza. Bronchitis is a respiratory condition in which inflammation plays a distinctive role in not just the pain but the mechanism of breathing difficulties. Fish oil is thought to assist those suffering from acute bronchial problems by cutting back on the production of compounds that contribute to inflammation in the airways.

9. Treat Debilitating Migraines

Yes, fish oil can also assist in reducing the inflammation that creates the extreme discomfort of migraines. If you have tried everything else to get the pain out of your head that results from migraines and have had no luck, it may be time to try a pizza with everything, including anchovies. What do you have to lose except for a debilitating headache?

10. Inhibit Development of Cancerous Tumors

The Great White Whale of the hunt for how fish oil can improve your health and extend your life is related to how omega-3 essential fatty acids may benefit the fight against cancer. Do not confuse omega-3 essential fatty acids with omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Research seems to point to the fact that omega-6 acids in high amounts could actually elevate your risk developing cancer. On the other hand, the omega-3 fatty acids that are the subject of this article have been found to inhibit processes within the body that stimulate tumor development and metastasis. In other words, eating more fatty fish or adding fish oil supplements could be just what you need to ward off carcinogenesis if you are taking all other preventative measures.