9 Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Stiff Neck

In everyday life we have to face different types of uncomfortable situations. One of them is Stiff Neck. It is not a serious problem at all. It is a common problem and there is no need to worry about it. Generally, the pain and stiffness goes away after a few hours, sometime within a few days. But sometimes it can cause problems such as you will face difficulty while sleeping and also doing some other activities. That is why you need to know how this problem occurs and how to get rid of this without going to a doctor.

How it occurs

Basically, stiff neck occurs when you sleep in a wrong or awkward position. Besides that, there are some other activities that can cause a stiff neck such as poor posture at work, staining through exercise, using a computer keyboard for a long time, anxiety and stress and also sitting in a drought.

1. Take a break

The simplest way to get rid of stiff neck is to take a break and lie down. This helps the muscles to get a change of being recovered. But remember, you should avoid thick pillows as they crimp your neck.

2. Neck Massage

One of the best ways to get rid of stiff neck is neck massage. You can massage your neck yourself or ask someone to do it for you. It helps to relieve a stiff neck. It helps to ease muscle tense and provide relief temporarily. Here is a technique of neck massage that you can do yourself.

Use your hands to reach the back of your neck and grasp it. Make sure that your thumb is on one side and the other fingers should be on the other side.

Gently squeeze your neck using thumb and fingers by digging on both sides.

Repeat this process for some minutes.

3. Use cold pack

Cold pack helps you to numb the pain. Put ice cubes or crushed ice in an ice pack and apply it to your stiff neck and it will decrease inflammation. If you apply this ice pack for 10 to 15 minutes the pain will ease naturally. You can try sitting in an easy chair while using an ice pack and relax for a bit. You must change the ice of the pack in a while.

4. Heat

You can use hot water bottle or this kind of pack to the neck as it helps to reduce the pain and muscle spasms. Heat pack be made by wet towels or you can always take a hot shower. You should remember that keeping the heat for too long can aggravate by causing more pain. Using a heat pack with ice pack is the best way to get rid of a stiff neck. You can always take a hot bath instead of a shower.

5. Perform neck exercise

For immediate relief of stiff neck, you can try performing neck exercises. You can perform two types of exercise that helps to get rid of a stiff neck. Gentle range of motion exercises help to stretch neck muscles. In order to perform this exercise you can sit straight and relax while turning your head in different ways, such as right, left, up and down. Repeating this process will help to get rid of a stiff neck. Then there is isometric exercise. You can do these kinds of exercises by resistance but not moving your head.

6. Reduce physical activities

By reducing physical activities for a couple of days can help to ease the pain of a stiff neck. You should avoid different sports, running, exercising and dancing.

7. Avoid neck collars

It is better to keep your neck uncovered and mobile. It helps the muscles to settle down and relax. Using a neck collar covers your neck and muscles get stressed. You should know that there is no scientific evidence of getting rid of stiff necks using neck collars.

8. Apply topical analgesic

You can use medicine such as tiger balm, Sombra or Zheng Gu Shui. They are topical analgesic that helps to ease stiff neck pain.

9. Lifestyle Changes

You should also know that, there are many ways to avoid stiff neck problems. If you follow the following rules you can avoid such pain.

Staying healthy helps to avoid neck pains. You should stay trim as being overweight is not a good thing for health. It stains, body muscles, including the muscles in the neck.

Improve your posture as bad postures can aggravate several kinds of pain. You should find the best ways to sit correctly. Sit straight and on soft places.

You should sleep on low and firm pillows. Avoiding the use of two pillows can avoid a stiff neck as it forces the neck to bend awkwardly.

Take breaks frequently as it changes your body position and get rid of stressful positions.

Always try to avoid stress.

Use neck exercises in a programmatic and regular basis.

Follow appropriate workout techniques. This will help your muscles to stay stress free and avoid bending in a wrong manner.