How to Get Rid Of a Hickey or Hickeys Fast

Every time you meet a new guy, it happens the same exact way. You get together, you have a fantastic time with each other, and after a few dates, everything seems to be going great. You feel self assured and sexy, and that’s reflected in your appearance. But when you look in the mirror to admire how your renewed confidence is working its magic on your looks, you see it. There it is, the evidence of your new love affair: a big, ugly, purple hickey. This is not good! Now lets learn how to get rid of a hickey fast.

Hickeys may be fun to get, but walking around with a massive love bite on your neck will probably get you a few raised eyebrows, judgmental looks, or even gasps of surprise. You need to get rid of it, and fast. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to banish that blemish, and most of them can be done with stuff you probably already have at home.

Here are some easy, do-it-yourself ways to get rid of a hickey. You may find that just one of these remedies will take care of it for you, but the following approaches will also work well used in conjunction with one another.

1. The Make-up Approach:

Okay, so this technically isn’t getting rid of a hickey. However, using concealer on your hickey is an easy and effective way to temporarily mask it from view. You’ll want to make sure that the color of the make-up is a close match to the tone of the skin on your neck, though, or your cover will be blown. Apply the concealer just enough to cover the blemish, and then use a brush and some foundation powder to soften the look. Check your neck in the mirror throughout the day, and reapply the make-up if you notice that it’s starting to wear off.

2. The Cold Approach:

You may remember from childhood injuries that ice helps keep swelling down. The same principle will work when trying to get rid of a hickey. Applying an ice pack or any sort of cold compress to a fresh love bite will help minimize its puffiness. Using a spoon stashed in the freezer for ten minutes is even better, as it delivers the cold punch to the targeted spot. Applying some pressure will help. You’ll want to use your cold treatment of choice for 20 minutes if you can stand it that long. Repeat several times throughout the day until the hickey is gone.

3. The Hot Approach:

For a hickey that’s a few days old, or for use right after the previously described cold treatment, apply heat to the hickey to get the blood circulating in that area. You can use a washcloth soaked in hot water and wrung out, but be careful that it’s not hot enough to burn your skin. A heating pad set on high will also work well, as will instant disposable heat packs. You don’t have to use it long to see results; about five minutes should do the trick and get rid of a hickey or hickeys fast. You can repeat this remedy throughout the day as well.

4. The Massage Approach:

A gentle fingertip massage will help to break up the clots under the skin, thereby reducing the appearance and overall redness of the hickey. It may sting a little, but as long as you don’t feel significant pain from massaging the area, it will help. You can also use a toothbrush or the teeth of a comb to gently scrape the hickey, but again, you don’t want to use too much pressure, or you’ll risk doing visible damage to your skin.

5. The Massage Approach, part 2:

If your hickey isn’t too painful, you can try some more aggressive massage techniques using household items to break up the blood clots and increase circulation to the affected area. Try rolling the cap from a tube of lip balm over the hickey. A coin will also work. Holding your neck skin taut near the hickey will probably yield the best results. Whichever object you use, you’ll want to use it apply a fair amount of pressure. And yes, it will probably hurt a bit. But again, if you use too much pressure while rubbing the hickey, you may cause more bruising.

6. The Mint Approach:

The cool, tingly sensation of mint may taste good, but it’s also a great natural way to increase blood circulation to a particular area of the body and get rid of a hickey. If you have mint extract or peppermint oil, or even leaves from a mint plant at home, applying some to the hickey can help to lessen its appearance. If you don’t have those specific ingredients on hand, some mint toothpaste will also do the trick. Whatever mint product you use, leave it on until the tingling stops, and then wipe it away. While you may like the results you get from mint, it’s important to note that you should not overuse this remedy. Once a day should be the most you use any mint product on your skin. Any more than that can burn your skin and lead to more redness.

7. The Witch Hazel Approach:

Witch Hazel is a natural astringent that helps to heal damaged blood vessels. You can find it in just about any pharmacy or health food store, but it’s also available commercially in the common hemorrhoid treatment Preparation H. Using a cotton ball or washcloth, simply apply some witch hazel to the hickey a few times a day. If you’re using Preparation H, you can just use your fingers to put the cream or ointment on. It will take a day or so before the hickey is gone, but if you can wait that long, this is a pain-free and easy way to remove an unsightly mark and get rid of a hickey eventually.

8. The Arnica Salve Approach:

Arnica salve is also a natural herbal remedy that is known to reduce swelling. As with witch hazel, using Arnica salve won’t remove the hickey immediately, but it will help speed up the healing process and help to minimize its appearance. Use it once or twice a day until the hickey is gone.

9. The Diaper Rash Approach:

Just as diaper cream will lessen the redness on a baby’s sore bottom; it can help to lessen the redness of a hickey. Look for a diaper cream made with all natural ingredients, and rub some on the hickey once or twice a day. The redness should disappear, though be warned that these creams tend to have a fairly strong and specific smell that may be off-putting.

10. The Oil Approach:

Olive oil and almond oil are regarded in many cultures as healing agents. Gently massage a few drops of either oil on the hickey to increase blood flow to the area and help to keep the skin soft as then it heals.

11. The Vitamin K Approach:

Vitamin K has been shown to help blood clots absorb back into the body, and you should be able to find Vitamin K cream in just about any pharmacy. (It is sometimes labeled as spider vein cream; check the ingredient list to make sure that Vitamin K is listed.) Rub a bit of cream into the hickey every few hours, and you’ll soon notice that the darkness of the area will fade and get rid of your hickeys.

12. The Aloe Vera Approach:

Applying easy-to-find aloe Vera gel on the hickey will gradually lessen its appearance, but perhaps more importantly; it will keep the skin healthy. This is a great remedy to use in combination with some others that may leave your skin a bit roughed up and help to get rid of hickeys.

13. The Tea Approach:

After you make yourself a cup of tea, take the still-warm (not hot!) tea bag and place it over the hickey for 20 minutes. A variation of the heat approach, the warmth will help improve circulation to the area and lessen the hickey’s appearance gradually.

14. The Over-the-Counter Meds Approach:

Heart patients take aspirin as a mild blood thinner; the same principle can help to make your hickey go away faster. Medications like everyday aspirin and even Excedrin help to keep small blood clots from forming, which can limit the unsightliness of a hickey. As an added bonus, over the counter pain remedies will also temporarily take away any soreness you may have from the hickey. When taking over-the-counter medication, though, be sure to read all instructions about proper dosage first.

15. The When-All-Else-Fails Approach:

If you’re out of toothpaste, if the massage hurts too much, if the hickey is too dark for the best concealer, or if none of these remedies are working fast enough for you, you have one last ditch option: cover the darn thing up. If it’s cold outside, this is a great time to wear your most comfortable turtleneck sweater. Or, if the weather is on the warmer side, find a fun silk scarf to coordinate with your outfit. Any particle of clothing that will cover your neck in an inconspicuous way will work. Just try not to wear it too many days in a row, or your friends might suspect that you are trying to cover up a hickey. I hope you can now easily apply some of these approaches to get rid of hickey or hickeys.