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New Patient Information

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The AHA! Experience
American Health Acupuncture

Everything we do is dedicated to making each patient’s lifestyle more healthy and joyful.

We do this by:

Relieving emotional and physical pain through Traditional Chinese Medicine
Personal empowerment through lifestyle coaching
Renewing and energizing through a personalized Traditional Chinese Medicine program
Awakening the inner well being through the American Health Acupuncture experience

Once you have had the experience, you will understand why we can say that American Health Acupuncture is “so much more than just needles.”

Initial Consultation/Assessment Exam – INCLUDES IRIDOLOGY

Assess your current health needs

Review your health history

Discuss your ultimate health goals

Determine frequency to meet your current & ultimate health goals


The procedure is painless

Tiny, hair thin needles (used only once) are placed on the body to balance & empower your natural healing energy. By inserting needles into key acupuncture points, the body moves the QI (translates as Life force and is pronounced “chee”) activating the body’s ability to naturally heal. Resulting in a sense of well being, life becomes enjoyable again. Patients often take a nap during their treatment & wake up refreshed, relaxed, and feeling good.

Your treatment will be 20-60 minutes in length

We offer Private Healing Suites and Semi-private Healing Alcoves

Depending on your diagnosis your treatment may include these therapies individually or combined: Acupuncture, Adjunctive Therapies – Cupping, Diet and Nutrition recommendations, Electro–Acupuncture, Herbal Consult/Review for Chinese Herbal Formulas is included, Heat therapy, Tui-Na (Chinese Therapeutic Massage), Personal Life Coaching, Guided Meditation, Aromatherapy.

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Notes for new Patients: Your first session

Before you arrive for your first session, we recommend viewing the Intro to Acupuncture video below – for important information about acupuncture.

Read our American Health Acupuncture’s Notice of Privacy Practices, Payment, Cancellation, & Refund Policies by clicking here.

Print and fill out the initial paperwork by clicking here.

Bring it with you.

Otherwise we will schedule a longer appointment time for your consultation – allowing time to fill out the initial paperwork and viewing the video. If you have any questions, we will address them during your consultation time prior to your first treatment.

Whenever possible, arrange your schedule so you do not have to rush to or from your appointment.
We kindly ask that you refrain from wearing cologne or perfume when coming in for treatments.
Please eat a little something an hour or two before your appointment.
Please leave all cell phones in your car. Wear loose, comfortable clothing if possible. Ideally, there should be easy access to your legs up past the knee, arms past the elbows, and abdomen. Feel free to bring such clothes to change into before your treatment.
If you wear Contact Lenses, please bring some solution and a case, as you may be asked to remove them for the Iridolgy exam.

* Can you imagine not having to wait at a doctor’s office? Well, your time is as valuable as ours. We have a no-wait policy. You will be seen within minutes of your arrival.