Seven Foods that Trigger Inflammation in Your Body

If at regular interval of time, you have experienced redness, swelling, heat and pain on your skin you should know that it is time to get the right treatment for yourself to get rid of inflammation. Inflammation has its own set of risks – cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Besides your mundane routine, inactivity or exposure to toxins, your diet can also have adverse impact on the health system. While inflammation seeks to respond to stress in your body, chronic inflammation could severely affect you by showing signs of premature aging and other illness. Fermented foods, broccoli, hemp oil, salmon, tart cherries, onions, pineapples and walnuts make great alternatives to reduce inflammation. But there are few food items that can tend to increase inflammation your body. Try to keep a control on them.

1. Wine

A glass of wine or beer may have many healthy benefits However excess consumption can be the primary reason for inflammation too. If you are one of those who have high intake of alcohol, you should know that you are about to damage your stomach, liver and larynx to a great extent with inflammation.

2. Corn

Corn may be one of the most common available crops across the world and at the same time cheap too. But about 88% of the corn we consume is genetically modified. One of its type known as GMO corn is known to cause strong inflammation in stomach. Even when you are buying foods ensure that you avoid those which have high corn oil and fructose corn syrup.

3. Sugary Foods

Keep the sweet portion away. If you believe me, then sugary foods such as jelly bean and sweet yogurt increase the blood glucose levels. This is followed by the release of cytokines which generate inflammation in body. Hence try to maintain a portion of 13g or less in your food intake.

4. Donuts

Donuts and other shelf stable food items include trans fats which can be alarmingly harmful for the body. These are one of the very common purchases that we make from stores but we should also be aware of the fact that trans fats have higher tendency to form inflammation in the body system.

5. Sodium

Consumption of sodium in high levels can also have an adverse impact on the health. Besides giving a push to the level of inflammation in the body, sodium tends to adversely affect high blood pressure, kidney, lever and heart ailment. Hence keep all the fried items away from your meals.

6. Deli Meat

Deli meat is known to be preserved with nitrites and nitrates. These cancer causing preservatives are also known to create inflammation. If you are regular one to have deli meat or bacon try to preserve it in another way and control inflammation levels along side.

7. Cooking Oil

Cooking oil can also be a an important factor in deciding the inflammation levels in your health. For instance adding soybean, canola or corn oil can be harmful for your body.

Similar to the other decisions of your life, an anti-inflammatory diet is a choice you ought to make to curb all the possibilities of a bad health lest it becomes highly injurious. The prolonged heat generated in your body could be as severe as a heart disease. It is you who can control it today for a better health and stronger immunity system.